A new year and new adventures...

Hello and welcome to the perceptible changes blog! This new (December 2010) blog serves two functions:

1. To highlight research in ecology, specifically ecosystem restoration and management with a focus on wetlands, rivers and riparian zones.

2. To catalog my adventures, travels and experiences as a restoration ecologist and wetland scientist.

At times this blog may serve as a news source or synthesis outlet, and at other times I may postulate on academic events of my own or highlight meetings, papers or news with a U.S. Pacific Northwest and inland Northwest regional focus. I recently graduated from the University of Washington (M.S. Restoration Ecology) and will be losing my current UW site, so I will also use this site to store my CV, personal information and pdf files of any publications that I publish post-graduate school.

I look forward to blogging ecosystem restoration and ecology with my newly found spare time, but that time will become increasingly more spare after the 26th of January when I return from a trip to Chile where I'll be helping University of Washington conservation biologist Liam Stacey work on Argentine ant invasions in the Mediterranean coast south of Pichilemu. These ants (Linepithema humile, formerly Iridomyrmex humilis) steal nectar from flowers that are known to be major sources of food to the giant hummingbird (Patagona gigas). Liam presented a poster at the Ecological Society of America conference last summer in Pittsburgh, so we're hoping to build on that work with additional data and get preliminary data for a few morel hypotheses.

For now I'm off to Reno to meet my father, bet college football and soak up the la nina winter that has California's snowpack at 200% of the seasonal average!

*Photo credit Alex Wild

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