HB 1313 Dead in Committee

I received a brief note from Jamie Pedersen this evening regarding our recent exchange about wetland scientist certification in Washington State:

"Hi Nate –

Thanks for your messages. As you know, I voted for the bill in the Business & Financial Services Committee but it did not have the votes to pass out of the General Government Appropriations Committee before today’s cutoff. Senator Murray’s bill (SB 5225) is, as you note, still alive and I would be happy to support that if it makes it over to the House.

Best wishes, Jamie"

First, thanks for your help Jamie, and good luck in Olympia.

Next out of the gate, I wish to pay no thanks to the lobbyists working on behalf of certain existing state-certified professionals to spread misinformation about this bill and its intentions. When a vast majority of you folks can tell me a Histosol from an Andisol (like our state soil, the Tokul!) or effectively convey the differences between mottling and gleying, then maybe I'll think that this bill was a charade. Until then, the bill's proponents, myself included, are sticking by our guns.

Hopefully Ed Murray et al. will get the companion bill, SB 5225 through the senate, although with the current work and nonsense load in Olympia these last few weeks--looking at you opponents of HB 1267 and SB 5274--it doesn't look highly likely. C'mon Ed, don't let me, Washington's landowners and the public who are currently bearing the ecological, legal and economic weights of wetland and water quality declines due to faulty science, down. In short--pass the bloody bill before the sun sets.

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