Snow's back!

With winter hydrology supporting everything from Washington's forests and wetlands to salmon runs and drinking, I've been elated to see the snow make a big comeback in the Cascades. "It seems like it has rained plenty this year, what's the problem?" is a common quip that follows talk of snowpack

Check out this year's water year snowtel data from Olallie Meadows near Snoqualmie Pass:

The good news is that those upward trends are the snowpack and precipitation and the downward trends the last few weeks have been temperatures. This means that we may be able to make up for the lackluster January we had that just weeks ago was leaving the Central Cascades with as little as 60% of the average snowpack for that time of year. 117 inches of snow at 2 March is no record year, but it may be enough to keep the summer fires low-intensity and the rivers flowing for Chinook season. Feel free to watch the drama play out in real time here:

And until next time, be sure to ski with your shovel, beacon and probe and someone who can use their snow safety tools....or grab carve the snowed-in groomers at your local mountain.
Field studies, Idaho

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