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Laminated root rot: Canopy closing in on me, I don't know what to do! Tell me who is who!

So, the last few weeks have been incredibly interesting times to pick up a newspaper, and amid the social, political, economic, and not least of all, environmental hoopla that comes with building or destroying a federal budget, there has been plenty to read. Some folks want to gut the EPA's power to, well, be the EPA, others want to delist politically divisive and ecologically important endangered species and still others, within certain states, want to limit the voting rights of Americans.

Accordingly with so much for the intended audience to read elsewhere and so much of my own work needing written, edited and/or submitted to journals, it has been a solid week since I updated this site. I know that consistency is key in the whole blogosphere, so forgive my idleness and know that I have projects in the works both external and pertaining to this blog.

I promise the following over the next weeks (months?) in addition to policy news, environmental events, etc:

1. A brief Chile recap featuring photos and data and a researcher profile of PI Liam Stacey (UW).

2. North Cascades National Park preliminary data with PI Rodney Pond (UW)

3. A short profile of Pack Forest, the University of Washington's managed research forest. If Greg Ettl, manager of the Forest, will stand for it, I might even do a brief profile of some of the work that has gone on there recently.

4. An update from the Union Bay Natural Area.

5. A highlight of a couple noteworthy papers that just went into press in the Journal of Applied Ecology and Wetlands, respectively.

4-year-old Aspen at the UBNA. A sucker is born every minute...

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