"E" is for Energy (and for Externality)...

Cartoon by Jeff Stahler of the Columbus Dispatch and linked from e360.yale.edu

Last week Michael Graetz wrote an opinion piece for Yale's environmental news blog, e360.yale.edu, "Energy Déjà Vu: Obama Must Break With Failed U.S. Policies."

As a restoration ecologist, I spend plenty of time mulling over the externalities of the current U.S. energy paradigm, namely the spoiled sites left after extraction. Graetz dwells on the more subtle externalities (read: CLIMATE CHANGE), and finds a policy mechanism to help America fully reconsider the energy situation from the public up. Most people won't like it in the short-term because the cost burden is shifted:

"Reflecting the true costs of energy would require taxing energy consumption rather than subsidizing production."


Read the whole darn thing here.

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