Fairbanks by bike--all summer long.

So, the last few weeks have brought some seriously busy times as I packed up shop from Seattle, WA, USA and headed to Fairbanks, AK, USA for the summer field season. I headed north because I was fortunate enough to score a seasonal position with the Center for Environmental Management of Military Lands (Colorado State Univ.) that will provide a wonderful stopgap opportunity before my partner and collaborator, Lexine Long, and I pack up for more arid climates (but that's another story).

For the next three months, I'm living dry, pulling 20-30 miles on the bike (still stock through gravel, mud, sand, median, bikepath and freeway, although some drop bars would help...), including hauling water every once in a while, but that's another story. I made some local and seasonal friends, miss mi amiga Lexine, and am getting into summer bike shape, but will have some updates as publications roll, certainties develop and I get to check out more cool wetlands in the boreal zone. Tomorrow, I may even blog on a paper by Kettenring and Reinhardt-Adams that ran in Wetlands Ecology and Management and fix that silly research page that lacks any content.

For now, here are my totals for Fairbanks:

179 pull-ups (wide-grip, hands out)

~500 mosquito bites

~100 mosquitoes killed

1 bike assembled

1 paddle trip

9 beaver sitings

2 arctic fox within 50 feet of my bike

~1000 migratory waterfowl viewed (must. get. Audobon. guide.)

380 bike miles

<50 car miles

12 gallons of water hauled by bike

1 lonely partner

Too many dollars at Fred Meyer

Not enough coffee

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