My own private water wagon...

Every once in a while, I get thirsty. Since I moved to a dry cabin up here in Alaska, quenching this thirst is a bit more laborious than when I resided in Seattle. You see, I moved to Fairbanks with only a bicycle and knew only a few people with cars. Even with car access though, I wanted to remain as independent as possible--as free of ride bumming and gas buying as possible. The last frontier state's self-reliant, rural resident is usually reliant on two or three things--federal/state infrastructure, cheap oil (not necessarily gas) , and lastly themselves. I guess I'll have to take the local stripes, with cheap oil supplying my food and subsidized roads allowing me to roll smoothly to and fro. But, I won't pay car insurance to do it!

True self-reliance has its price, and that price is usually in the form of sweat and mileage. Specifically, 3 miles each way on a bicycle to the Water Wagon, where I can get city water for 1.4 cents per gallon. It's no ride to and fro work, but it entails a 6 gallon jug and a giant bag. See what I mean:

I'm on a mission to roll free, fill my water barrel and have some fun--oh, and finish manuscripts...and start new ones...and submit fellowship applications...and see my beautiful partner whom I've missed for the last month and change. Ah, the satisfaction and labor of self-reliance. Apologies for not having the pictures of the water wagon itself.

Until next time, ride safely and write in the active voice.

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