Northwest Science launches a new website!

The Northwest Scientific Association, publisher of Northwest Science and unifying body of the sciences from Oregon to Alaska's North Slope (sort of like Cascadia), has come up with a slick new website, registration system and blog. For years I've had to mail checks, address change forms and call people to manage my membership. Now I don't have to lick stamps and dial area codes! Now you don't have to either! Now you can register for the low price of $20-$50 a year and receive Northwest Science in hard copy plus digital service through BioOne! Back issues of Northwest Science (up to 2007) are still up at the WSU website. Hooray for technology--and thanks to the NWSA members, staff, officers, editorial board and board of directors for making this happen!

The Cascadian Flag, which is almost the entire NWSA service area.

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