Staying sparse, sparsely staying...

Midnight sun, Fairbanks, AK - 18 July 2011

Alaskan summers are crazy, light-all-night, bike-consumed affairs with 10-hour field days and numerous hikes, floats, fishing trips, barbecues, parties and sessions at the gym. I drink a lot of coffee to get by and sleep very few hours, but more often than not, my ability to keep this blog updated and finish manuscripts is reduced to me checking how many people have looked at the blog and saying, "I'll blog that really soon..." or staring at the same PERMANOVA output I created last month.

In light of this summer's pace, today is a day of contrition and speculation for me as I set off on another field week (10 days) and then have my lovely partner arrive for a week of visiting - another week of no writing. Lexine will forgive me, so I suppose I'm in the clear.

I have no idea when I will next be able to lay down a sarcastic, informative or opinionated neo-journalistic blog piece. Were I to have infinite time and no more manuscripts to finish, I'd likely write on the work of the late Joan Ehrenfeld who passed away last month after a long battle with Leukemia. Dr. Ehrenfeld was a wonderful scholar and amazing person who will be missed dearly. I hope to recount a few of her most important papers and profile the mark she left on the field of ecology.

If I were ever able to do Dr. Ehrenfeld justice with a news blurb or review of her work, I would move on to highlighting the recent work of Karin Kettenring (Utah State) and Carrie Reinhardt-Adams (U. Florida) who released a stellar paper reviewing how invasion control studies have historically been carried out and how applied ecologists can move on to more informative studies and frameworks.

While the aforementioned stories may be 'old' news in the internet age, I'd like to follow up on them all the same. Sadly though, that will have to wait until at least August...

In consolation, I offer these pictures:
Not the Mocha Moose: Yukon Training Area, North Pole, AK - July 2011

Carex lyngbyei marsh with a tidal channel in the foreground and Zostera marina beds in the background - Note the Alyeska pipeline terminal in the 3-point land background. Valdez, AK - 16 July 2011

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