Almost back from the field...

Husky Drop Zone Data: Yukon Training Area, North Pole, AK

...and entirely ready to rock. I liken the end of my seasonal field position to how Rowdy Roddy Piper feels in They Live as he professes that he is "all out of bubble gum." Fortunately, at this juncture, I have packing and writing ahead of me instead of saving the world from sell-outs and aliens. Either way, follow the link on the image below to a great scene from the aforementioned movie:

As a going away present, I am pleased to announce that a recent paper from the Union Bay Natural Area has been accepted into Ecological Engineering and is now in press. Current citation information is as follows:

Hough-Snee, N., Long, A.L., Jeroue, L. and K. Ewing. 2011. Mounding alters environmental filters that drive plant community development in a novel grassland. Ecological Engineering 37(11): 1932-36.

Observation point bliss: Donnelly Training Area near Delta, AK

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