This week in the news...

The world's moving at a pretty good clip this week. Halloween is today, the World Series finished up, winter is almost here and apparently, some other things are in the news:

The Texas drought has cost local agriculture $5.2 Billion reports the New York Times.

The Society for Ecological Restoration has announced that there is a new Great Basin Chapter covering parts of Nevada, Oregon, Idaho, Utah and California. Nancy Shaw of the USDA Forest Service will be the inaugural organizer of the chapter.

At Yale E360Ed Struzik reports on controversial wildlife management practices in response to caribou habitat loss in Alberta, Canada.

The Scientific American blog reports that scientists are joining Occupy Wall Street for the usual reasons: a lack of jobs, higher education cuts, anti-intellectualism, etc.

Now go forth, read, eat your Halloween candy and drink your pumpkin brew.

Oh, and get ready to vote next week if you have a scheduled election in your state/area.

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