Riparian Ecosystems IV: Advancing Science, Economics and Policy

It appears that Denver, Colorado is a popular place for ecology-related conferences this year. This June, it's the American Water Resources Association holding a pair of conferences, one of which is an interdisciplinary take on riparia:

Riparian Ecosystems IV: Advancing Science, Economics and Policy

June 27-29, 2012, Denver, CO

Abstract Submittal Deadline: Feb. 6, 2012

From the AWRA:
The mile high city of Denver, Colorado serves as host to the 4th AWRA Riparian Conference, "Riparian Ecosystems IV: Integrating Science, Economics and Policy". This conference is scheduled back to back with the AWRA specialty conference on “Contaminants of Emerging Concern in Water Resources II: Research, Engineering, and Community Action” June 25-57, 2012. The Riparian Conference will bring together, scientists, policy makers, and economists to discuss the very latest national and global issues concerning the management and sustainability of riparian ecosystems. It will serve as a forum for the exchange of timely topics such as riparian ecosystem responses to flooding, the influence of bio-energy production on riparian function, the impacts of climate change on riparian ecosystem sustainability, and the effects of green house gas emissions in riparian ecosystems. The mix of topics will provide networking opportunities that stimulate discussion regarding the technical, economic and socio-political aspects of riparian systems. The objective of the conference is to improve our understanding of the latest sound science, discuss future scientific needs, and plan for policies to promote riparian sustainability into the future. Cross over between the two conferences will create a week of unprecedented informative exchange among disciplines equally concerned with emerging contaminants that threaten human and environmental health and with the critical riparian and water resources that sustain human and environmental health.

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