2011: Year of the River

Last night, a group of Utah State University Watershed Sciences students got together as a part of our monthly topics in watershed restoration group to discuss how much ecosystem restoration is needed to actually increase steelhead and coho salmon smolt production (Roni et al 2010). The conclusion tended towards the usual: we need a large-scale, process-based approach, not just band-aid projects and log jams on third-order streams. We concluded that as a whole, society needs more water, diverse flows, healthier watersheds and better urban and environmental planning to really improve in-stream habitat enough to recover salmon (and other species) abundances to anything resembling their historic levels.

Afterwards, since we already had a projector on hand, we devolved to watching dam removals on Youtube.  We watched the Elha, Glines Canyon and Condit dams go away, both slowly and quickly. Rather than just watching clips of the explosive moments as we did yesterday, today I offer a link to the Year of the River by Andy Maser. This video was put together as a part of the Elwha and White Salmon River restoration efforts and the Ecological Society of America just hyped it up via their social media. Year of the River was made possible by American Whitewater and American Rivers and I advise you to give it a click below:

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