Persistent weak layers in Northern Utah's snowpack

Last weekend I was fortunate to participate in the Utah State University's AIARE I course at the Blind Hollow Yurt near Logan, UT. After a few days of classroom work, we put on the skins, turned on the transceivers and went where snow science and avalanche awareness are best taught - outside.  Here is the result of our Rutschblock test from Saturday March 3rd, 2012:

I should note that while these upper layers likely still exist, the weather has changed dramatically from powder and wind to sun and high temperatures, shifting the risk to deep slabs. Check out for current conditions.

A big thanks to Brian Shirley and the ORP, Mike Jenkins, Chris, Cory and our faithful YB, Paul, for a great class and all around good times. Stay safe in the mountains with the big heat wave that's pushing through Northern Utah this week!

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