Post-fire land restoration workshop and SERGB updates!

Post-fire Land Restoration
July 12-13, Reno, NV, USA
The Great Basin Chapter of the Society for Ecological Restoration and the Western Chapter of the International Erosion Control Association  are combining resources for the up-coming workshop entitled ‘Post-fire Land Restoration’. The conference will be held July 12-13, 2012 at the Best Western Airport Plaza in Reno, Nevada. On the 12th a variety of speakers will cover a broad array of topics including dust control following fire, weed management, planning and administration, impacts to wildlife and habitat management, erosion and sediment control, restoration methodologies, and fuels management. The field trip on the 13th will follow a overview presentation. Attendees will visit recent and older fires and have the opportunity to assess restoration activities.  
For additional information, contact:
Western Chapter of the IECA and the Great Basin Chapter of the Society for Ecological Restoration  (

Given my previous post about the poor water year in the Wasatch - a water year that has been even worse in Nevada and the Sierra - we may all want to study up on our post-fire restoration techniques. Keep your defensible space defensible and hold some native seeds on hand people!

The SERGB has also put together their first newsletter which is freely available online at:

My copy showed up in the mail last week and I must say, a hearty applause is due to Nancy, Matt Germino at the USGS and many others and organizations for their diligence in organizing and quickly publicizing the chapter. This is an exciting birth to the chapter and with a very, very fast turn around time!

The SERGB also has a great events list full of relevant happenings from the Great Basin and beyond!

Photo courtesy of the SERGB

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