The new Dam Nation trailer

There's a storm brewing in the American West. While the summer monsoons seem to be tracking to the north and about two months early here in Utah, this storm has been brewing since before there were dams. I get the impression that the fine folks who fished before Lewis and Clark, the floaters, the boaters, and the gringo fishing community are probably not going to back down until unnecessary dams are removed. As this storm has brewed, and brewed, and brewedPatagonia, purveyors of fine (expensive) outdoor wear and hosts of the Cleanest Line, have sponsored a documentary that appears to bring together folks from across the worlds of fisheries, hydrology, power and politics to dig in deep and ask, "why the hell do we have so many dams and do we really need them all anymore?"

The aptly named DamNation looks like it has a star-studded cast of policy wonks and science experts, including David Montgomery, MacArthur Genius Fellow, author of King of Fish and UW Faculty. It premiers in 2013, and hopefully will be showing in a town near you. The trailer looks killer and the aesthetic vibe that Stoecker Ecological and Felt Soul Media have cultivated for the movie is simply great.

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