Blogging with the Early Career Ecologists Team

So, after silently lurking the Early Career Ecologists blog before ESA last month, I finally pulled the trigger and got in touch with Sarah Bisbing over at Colorado State University about becoming a contributor.  Fortunately for me, the team agreed to have me on, and I'll be writing original pieces over there semi-regularly. Their blog is a great resource and, in my humble opinion, displays a lot of the energy and excitement that come with being an ecologist who loves her or his job. Academia is a momentum game, and the crowd over there has definitely captured the upswings of living and breathing ecological research. If you haven't ever been over to ECE, I recommend you start with their new work and then cruise through the archives. There are lots of cool projects and insights to be gleaned from the cool cats writing on the blog. Check. It. Out.

Where Northern Utah's ecologists go to play: the Bear River Range, UT, USA. Photo by Ryan Choi, 2012.

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