How to thank someone for statistics help: coffee

While I don't consider myself overly quantitative as biologists go, I do enjoy staying current in my analytical methods. This sometimes leads to me helping friends, acquaintances and in some cases, paying clients, with experimental design, data analysis, code troubleshooting, database management or interpretation. In the former cases of friends and colleagues, I generally do it out of the collegial nature of research, expecting little more than an acknowledgement in the fine print of a manuscript or thesis - nothing more. After all, helping friends succeed is pretty good payment. Sometimes I go above and beyond and get duped without so much as a thank-you, either in person or in text, while other times I will get full blown authorship. I suppose these things all fall within the 95% confidence interval of the job, so I try to only dwell on the outliers.

For example: in the best case of helping friends, I got a coffee mug...that I promptly help me return to - surprise, surprise - writing code*.

Thanks Megan!

*And maybe making salsa too.

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