Society of Wetland Scientists' Wetland Restoration Section

Andy Herb, current SWS Rocky Mountain Chapter president and owner of Alpine Eco has recently set  the gears in motion to create a new section on wetland restoration. The Society currently has six sections, with diverse interests from peatlands to biogeochemistry to ensuring a diverse membership base within the Society and profession of wetland ecology. The need for a restoration-related section within the Society has long been present as most consultants, academics or agency folks will eventually be involved in some segment of Section 404 permitting or other state or local permitting as it pertains to their projects.  With a section to improve the dialogue between the regulatory and research communities, there will be a formal common-ground from which to begin new conversations and hopefully link together the various players who are permitting, designing, implementing, monitoring and researching restored wetlands of all stripes.

The body of Andy's proposal is below. As a member of the Society and as an officer with the SWS-PNW, I think this is a great idea for the Society, and will be putting my support behind the section. Please email Andy directly to express interest in either the wetland restoration section or in a restoration related symposium session for SWS 2013.

Restored or reference? A southeastern Idaho beaver meadow, 2012.

1. To encourage the sharing of scientific and other technical data regarding wetland 
restoration between the applied, academic, and regulatory sectors of the wetland 
science arena.

2. To create a discussion forum for issues related to  wetland restoration (including 
projects driven by local issues, such as regulation in the United States through the 
Clean Water Act permitting process, or national/international perspectives, such as 
the delivery of the Convention on Biological Diversity’s Aichi Biodiversity Targets) 
via symposia organized at the annual meetings of the Society of Wetland Scientists, 
Internet discussion, and/or other informal networking. 

3. To provide opportunities and support for students working on issues related to 
wetland restoration through granting of research awards and educational outreach at 
special symposia and poster sessions at the annual meetings of the Society of Wetland 

Creation of the Wetland Restoration Section will allow scientists, consultants, regulators, 
stakeholders and other interested parties from different wetland sectors the ability to 
share research, ideas, and general approaches to wetland restoration.  The Section will 
provide an opportunity for its members to gain a better understanding of wetland 
restoration which is intended to translate to more successful restoration projects.   

The name “Wetland Restoration Section” provides a simple and effective catch-all for the 
various possible interactions between the applied, academic, and regulatory sectors of the 
general wetland science discipline. ACTIVITIES: 

The SWS Wetland Restoration Section will: 

1. Through the advent of dedicated Website for the section membership, provide a 
forum for the exchange of wetland restoration ideas and information. 

2. Sponsor a Symposium at the annual meeting which addresses topics related wetland 
restoration, including those associated with Clean Water Act permitting. The theme 
will vary annually but the link to the wetland restoration agenda will remain 
consistent.  A subcommittee of the Wetland Restoration Section will coordinate the 
annual theme, including the procurement of presentations. 

3. Contribute items (via the elected Chair) on wetland restoration to SWS’s e-newsletter
as a way of disseminating information. 

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