Archiving items on Figshare

So, after looking through an old machine and then looking at what I have actually gotten done over the last couple years, I have decided to store a few extra items for the public online. I will begin uploading old datasets, with metadata, figures, talks and posters from the last 2-3 years to Figshare as I have time.

Although I'm a lot bit self-conscious about some of these things, I need to effectively expedite the publication of some of these tools, so they can be used and remain relevant. Peer-review of some of these items won't occur under a very quick timeframe, if ever, so it's effectively energy wasted for me to not put these up. The first two items that I have published are my recent poster at River Restoration Northwest, and a noxious weed mapping whitesheet I created for the USDA Forest Service. This is the start of me airing out my academic laundry - hopefully in an organized fashion. If these pieces of the research process can be used, awesome. If not, so be it.

You can link to my Figshare account here. Consider adding your own items and perusing the existing material so we can keep this whole creative commons and open access thing powerful.

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