Good times coming back 5 figures

I've been busy writing a few papers and trying to ride my snowboard a lot. Accordingly, most of what I have to show for my work at this point are figures like this:

Figure 1. Kent looks up the Zotero formatting for the Journal of Splitboard Wildstyle.

Figure 2a and 2b. Images of the author by backcountry collaborator, M. Brodhead. Popper landing (2a) and transition glee (2b). Note dancing hands and ballcap under helmet for complete wildstyle in 2b.

Figure 3. An absolutely contextless figure from a manuscript that we just submitted to Ecological EngineeringYou'll note that willows have been on different trajectories at grazed sites (C1-C2) than at those sites where grazing was retired in 2006 (I1 - I6). Letters indicate significant differences in mean abundance using Kruskal-Wallis tests (Tukey-corrected p-values) between years.

Figure 4. Note also that EE's impact factor is now 3.106 and nearly double that of Restoration Ecology - something nobody could have predicted five-years ago. Below is the mean cites/document over four years for EE, RE, Ecological Restoration  and Applied Vegetation Science.

Figure 5. Northern Utah in winter colors. Photo lurked cross-ridge by Nordic United's E. Syrstad. A big thanks to Erik, Dave and Cameron for throwing the CROWBAR race last weekend and then pulling out some laps on Sunday to celebrate their event. It was fine snow and good times on both counts.

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