That's it, that's all: #RRNW2013 a wrap-up.

River Restoration Northwest closed out on Thursday and my trip finally closed out Friday afternoon following a long haul along the Columbia Gorge, through the Blue Mountains, across the Snake River Plain and back to the Great Basin.

Final highlights included the Wednesday night social (kegger) sponsored by Aquatic Contracting. Thursday's talks by Josh Latterell, and Karin Boyd were the most notable discussions of the day for ecologists. Josh spoke on King County's large levee setback project on the Tolt and how habitat, wood and fish abundance were changing following project implementation. Karin's talk discussed social, ecological and economic resilience to the 2011 floods that occurred across the West, specifically on the Musselshell. Karin's cohort found that the natural disturbance was large enough and draw-down protracted enough that landforms and riparian zones were restored very cheaply. By working with landowners who have very slim margins, Karin and her team were able to lock in changed by planning around the changes for sustainable ag use, rather than trying to out-engineer the river. It was a very, very well-delivered and inspirational talk.

Lowlights on my behalf were talking to individuals from consulting firm A while thinking they worked at consulting firm B and then asking them questions about consulting firm B. I'm not consulting firmist, but I can barely help that all of you people look alike and your firms' names all sound the same. Sorry consulting firms A, B, C and D, who all have a wildcard form of "Aqua..." in your names.

I extend my gratitude to the entire RRNW community for putting on a great show at a fantastic venue over the last three days. Everything about this production was first-rate from the speakers to the food to the amount of free pens available at the sponsor booths. I especially thank Janet Oatney for her work bringing together a great poster session and Nicole Czarmonski for great conversation and introducing us Utah State folks to her colleagues within RRNW.

Not a river and not the Northwest, Cache National Forest, UT

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