Thursday Links: Conference Roundup 2013

Believe it or not, but March is more than halfway behind us. The green beer is behind us and it's already time to be wary of the ides of March. In ecology schedules, that also means that there are field seasons and conference seasons a few short weeks away. A few events jump out at me each year, from the annual Society of Wetland Scientists meeting to the Ecological Society of America's annual mega gathering. I have briefly compiled a list of ecology, restoration ecology and stream and wetland events below. They're national, Great Basin or Pacific Northwestcentric:

Northwest Scientific Association: The 84th Northwest Scientific Association Annual Meeting is being held jointly this week (through 22 MAR) with the Cascadia Prairie-Oak Partnership. The theme is the loquacious: The Urban Environment and Managing Fragmented Prairie-Oak Habitats, Birds, Bugs, and Changing Communities.

Utah State University Spring Runoff: April 9-10, Utah State University Eccles Conference Center, Logan, UT. This meeting brings together a wide variety of water resource research. This event is open to the public and free for students.

Society of Wetland Scientists 2013: June 2-6, Duluth, MN. This is the every-other year SWS meeting that brings together the U.S. contingent of wetland scientists and managers. This year, in an all upper Midwest sweep, SWS is kicking off one of three major conferences in Minnesota (SWS, ESA) and Wisconsin (SER).

Society for Conservation Biology International Congress for Conservation Biology 2013: Baltimore, MD July 21-25. This is the massive biannual conservation meeting thrown by the Society for Conservation Biology and associated organizations. As a huge fan of the Society's journals and the UW's Conservation Magazine (formerly an SCB pub), I bet this conference is a ripper. Sadly I'm usually all scheduled up around SWS, ESA and SER meetings.

Ecological Society of America 2013: August 4-9, 2013. The 98th annual meeting of the Ecological Society of America will occur in Minneapolis this year. Expect a massive turnout and huge program, as this meeting is in the upper Midwest, home to more Universities than Ray Lewis has eccentricities.

Restoring the West 2013: October 16-17, Logan, UT. Restoring the West is USU's annual plenary restoration conference, thrown by the Quinney College of Natural Resources, Wildland Resources Department, Western Aspen Alliance and the USU Ecology Center. Poster talks are invited from around the West, while invited plenary talks will make up a majority of the program.

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