Thursday Links: Podcast Edition

The ESA blog, Ecotone, has a great link to an interview with Carl Roland of the National Park Service in Alaska. Roland discusses species range limits and environmental filter chan ges in response to climate change and his recent paper in Ecological Monographs. His main point: watch out for Picea glauca, because it's on the move.

I recently revisited some work from my M.S., and it had me thinking about the leaf economic spectrum. Fortunately, I could procrastinate on my manuscript and instead listen to the Functional Ecology podcast. This month discusses the trade-offs in leaf economy - cheap inefficient leaves vs expensive efficient leaves -  in species pools and across environmental gradients. A link to the recent paper by Wright-Sutton and Grier is here.

T.R. Foley is wrapping up last week's NCAA wrestling tournament with Mark Perry, discussing new developments in wrasslin' at the Backpoints Podcast.

Lastly, here is a throwback to a Science Magazine podcast on meta-analyzing ecological restoration science and projects.

Throwback: Goodell Creek Restoration, WA, USA 2004

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