Thursday Links

In an attempt to pick up the pace of content here, I want to provide a couple links weekly on Thursdays from here on out.

In ecology:

New in PlosOne, there's an estimate on the value of coastal wetlands around Louisiana:

Barbier EB, Georgiou IY, Enchelmeyer B, Reed DJ (2013) The Value of Wetlands in Protecting Southeast Louisiana from Hurricane Storm Surges. PLoS ONE8(3): e58715. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0058715

The Value of Wetlands in Protecting Southeast Louisiana from Hurricane Storm Surges 

In ecological restoration:

We've been running a series on dam removal in the Pacific Northwest over at Early Career Ecologists. Two of four parts are up as of today!

Still up through Northwest Science and BioOne, is an open-access article series on the Elwha and Glines Canyon dam removals in Washington State. These articles are open access as they are the most read and cited within the journal.

In potpourri:

The NCAA Division I Wrestling national tournament is next week. Brackets were released last night and they're pretty exciting. The commentary on the qualifying tournaments and seeding has been flying through Flowrestling and then through Intermat's Backpoints Podcast.

Multimedia link: Since the U.S. folkstyle wrestling season is winding up for their grand finale, let's check out recent highlights in the freestyle scene. Here is some analysis on the Freestyle World Cup in Iran, U.S. relations, and Iranian domestic affairs. Coverage by CNN's Reza Sayah.

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