Salmon Confidential - where have Canada's salmon gone?

If you weren't already worried about watershed-scale habitat losses, incidental take from massive hydropower dams, and a lack of fish access to historic spawning and rearing grounds, today I stumbled across Salmon Confidential:

Salmon Confidential from Twyla Roscovich on Vimeo.

It's about an hour, but shows how the biological stressors of industrial salmon farming are likely the next big game changer in addition to the three Hs: hatcheries, harvests and hydropower. The Canadian handling of this situation reminds me of when a few prominent U.S. scientists claimed that dams had no effect on salmon decline in conflict with abundant evidence otherwise.

This is in addition to the week's other big news, we're now living in a 400ppm world, and we aren't likely to turn it back anytime soon... Sorry for the Saturday morning morale reduction.

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