#SWS2013 Full Program Released

The Society of Wetland Scientists has released the full schedule for their 2013 national meeting in Duluth, MN. I haven't made my full meeting schedule yet, but there seem to be plenty of great talks on the docket, including two 2013 SWS-PNW scholarship award winners. I'm excited to be giving a talk and participating in the Society's undergraduate mentoring program as a mentor, as well as just seeing old friends and acquaintances.

Although unanticipated, it's nice to see that Utah State University has a large contingent representing the Watershed Sciences department. It's also nice to see that the semi-obscure location has not deterred many heavy hitters from attending the meeting. Perhaps the upper Midwest provides a home field advantage for wetland science or perhaps people really, really want to go to Duluth. I guess SWS couldn't be exactly like ESA (Minneapolis, MN) or SER (Madison, WI) this year, so we added an extra connecting flight to the itinerary.

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