ET-AL member Alan Kasprak has a new website/blog

I'm seated less than 5 meters from Alan Kasprak's desk. There is an air of accomplishment, a sense of calm, and a shroud of mystery all coming from his collective corner of the room.

Who is Alan Kasprak might you ask? Silly question - Alan is a fluvial geomorphologist here in the Ecogeomorphology and Topgraphic Analysis Lab (ET-AL) here at Utah State, the lab I also proudly call home. Here in the ET-AL, our fearless leader has imparted a great sense of pride in not only doing good science, but also communicating it clearly to our peers and the general public. In pursuit of this end, Alan just daylighted a new website, which is neat. If you like fluvial geomorphology, science communication, wood in streams or neat things, you should definitely check out his new homepage:

Alan has two great papers on wood and sediment dynamics from his M.S., one in River Research and Applications and another in Geomorphology. He was recently co-author on a collaboration between our lab and several folks in the UK working on the morphodynamics of braided rivers in Scotland. You can read all about these efforts and their resulting manuscripts in Alan's past research and current research sections.

Alan knows this reach better than you know your own home.

Alan is also on Twitter, where he probably tweets about fly-fishing, Boston sports and the price of domestic beverages often sold in multiples of six. I wouldn't know, it's a locked account and he won't accept my follow request, which is odd, since I'm his PR guy today. Either way, hit Alan's blog and have a look at his exciting work.

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