The 2014 Joint Aquatic Sciences Meeting (@2014JASM #JASM2014 @SWS_org)

This May 18-23, I'll be headed to Portland, Oregon for the Society of Wetland Scientists et al. mega conference that has been dubbed the Joint Aquatic Sciences Meeting. It should be an awesome time, and I'll be busy working on a variety of things while there.

First, I'll be giving a poster on some work I've done modeling instream large wood abundance in the Columbia River basin. This is a synthetic effort that builds on some projects I've done for the USDA Forest Service PACFISH/INFISH Biological Opinion and the Columbia Habitat Monitoring Program. I'll be discussing two papers we've written and a wood capacity model that we're building to set restoration objectives and assess restoration outcomes. It should be a good time.

Secondly, I'm working with Andy Herb and Rob McInnes of the Society of Wetland Scientists' Restoration Section to put together another symposium for the SWS restoration section.

Lastly, this will serve as the election setting for the Society of Wetland Scientists Pacific Northwest Chapter. This year, I'll be running for president of the chapter following a year and a half long stint as the chapter's executive vice president. If you're reading this from Washington, Oregon, Idaho, or a Pacific Northwest border state (CA, NV, UT, WY, MT, AK or British Columbia), please link up with the chapter and get in touch in Portland.

Check out the Joint Aquatic Sciences Meeting website and follow them on Twitter and we'll see you on the Willamette this May!

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