Restoring the West featured in the Logan Herald Journal (#RTW2014)

Last week I had the pleasure of sitting down with Utah State Forestry Extension's Darren McAvoy and Kevin Opsahl of the Logan Herald Journal to discuss this year's Restoring the West conference (#RTW2014 on Twitter). Kevin's write up is here and highlights the importance and rationale for convening the upcoming meeting with a riparian restoration focus. In short, streams have been used for a variety of management purposes, some of which have led to degradation of the services that rivers and their riparia provide: clean and abundant water, riparian habitat for wildlife, instream habitat for fish and other aquatic biota, and controls on how streams adjust their channels in response to water and sediment supply.

Kevin also quotes me in discussing the very successful Spawn Creek grazing exclosure in the Logan River watershed (see details: here, here, here, and on this blog). Thanks to Kevin and the Herald Journal for covering this year's conference and taking the time to discuss riparian zones with Darren and I!

A little incision and a little algae: can it be restored to a more functional state?

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