Lightning crashes, September rolls

Don't tread on me, Dry Canyon, UT, USA
Dry Canyon, UT, USA
Kirstie Fryirs, Macquarie University schools USU and the FHC in River Styles
Box Elder County sunrise
Sorno schools the FHC on the importance of riparian and aquatic habitat restoration

USU students, Alex, Angus, Sammy and Elijah (USU ET-AL) and Kirstie (Macquarie) above the incision trench
Ponding and fine sediment settling behind a Beaver Dam Analog
Elijah admires a BDA 
Is it a fan?
Elijah doing work with the boss man's trusty and somewhat dull Stihl
A BDA post-trimming  
My first BDA

Remnants of the Oso landslide

Second growth forest, North Cascades National Park, WA

Goodell Creek, the last undammed tributary to the Skagit River, WA USA

Lots of this over a weekend, Goodell Gravel Mine, WA, USA

Greene Machine and Goodell Creek

Rodney at the swimming hole

Sediment sorting behind a boulder, Goodell Creek, WA, USA

Emerald City Fish and Chips

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