#OpenAccess Journal #ImpactFactors for 2013

So, where do open access journals sit relative to other ecology and ecological sub-disicpline journals?  In short, I don't know. I do know that people are increasingly reading and citing the Open Access journals. Here are the recent impact factors for a couple open access journals in ecology:

2.595 - Ecosphere - ESA
3.534 - PLoS ONE - PLoS
1.743 - AOB Plants - Annals of Botany
2.669 - Ecology and Society - Resilience Alliance
1.156 - Fire Ecology - Association for Fire Ecology

Note that there are three more ecology journals, or journals with ecology content, that are not yet indexed:

F1000 Research - F1000
PeerJ - PeerJ
Riparian Ecology and Conservation - DeGruyter

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