#Winter rolls in? Anticipating another #snowboard season in the #backcountry.

Every year, I look forward to the first snow of the season. The September and October storms kick up and coat the hills for a day or two, but usually the snow fails to last until around Thanksgiving. Right now, we're in the midst of a storm that might get us going full on, but it's not a foregone conclusion. Here's what we can reasonably expect:

As the winter running tights find their way out of the closet, batteries get changed in transceivers, and the skins get reglued, I find myself tracking the weather, both future storms and the existing snowpack's recent history. Here in Utah, we're blessed with a really outstanding Avalanche Center, so I start to digest content and track the local mountains. I hit the Grove for the recent Snotel data and am always looking at Logan Peak, both from my window, and on the weather pages.

3" isn't quite skiable yet...and why are we still using inches instead of cm?

Cold. Check. 

Deeper days ahead...
This year's annual UAC review of the previous season is now posted to get the stoke up for a new season. and to get people thinking about the risks involved in backcountry travel, and our strategies to mitigate that risk. As it rolls in, I'm looking forward to another winter in northern Utah's hills. It's great to reflect on last season in the rearview mirror, set some objectives and then start, well, skinning and skiing again.

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