#Beaver and #stream restoration project covered in @usuextforestry's Utah Forest News

Last summer, our group worked to survey and install a beaver-assisted restoration project in northern Utah. This month an article that was prepared by Utah State Forestry Extension's Megan Dettenmaier on this project ran in Utah State Forestry Extension's Utah Forest News. Thanks to USU Forestry Extension and Megan for their support and press on using beaver and beaver dam analogs to restore incised streams in Utah. These projects provide a unique opportunity to take waste wood (thinned juniper, pinion, lodgepole pine, etc. and create starter structures on which beaver build dams that trap sediment and retain water to improve riparian and aquatic habitats for numerous fish and wildlife species. If you're a landowner looking to improve upland and aquatic habitat through low-diameter tree thinning for use in stream restoration, please get in touch with me directly: nate (a) natehough-snee.org

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