Society of Wetland Scientists talks: 2015 is another big year! @SWS_org #SWSMembers


After a quick winter, basically, December with throes of snow in January, my mind has shifted to spring in northern Utah. For many local ecologists, this includes running, skiing corn, getting reviews of pre-holiday papers, and, my favorite, conference planning. Abstract deadlines start to roll in, talks get outlined and travel plans are all made as winter turns to spring. Usually a symposium needs organized, or a meeting facilitated and the planning has to begin. Usually, this would entail a mid-March conference mindset, but this year abstracts are due a little earlier, winter has faded (hopefully just for now), and friends and colleagues are already fired up.

This year I'm preferentially participating in a pair of regional Society of Wetland Scientists (SWS) meetings and heading to the national SWS meeting. In chronological order, I will be hitting the road to participate in the...

...Society of Wetland Scientists Rocky Mountain Chapter, Golden, CO, USA, April 15, 2015

At SWS-RM, I''ll be giving a talk on how the Fluvial Habitat Center uses beaver to reconnect incised streams to their floodplains and create diverse aquatic and riparian habitats. This meeting is organized almost entirely by SWS-RM president, Andy Herb and features some great talks from the Colorado, Montana and Utah wetland research and regulatory communities.

The SWS-RM meeting will take place at the American Mountaineering Museum in Golden, CO, USA

...Society of Wetland Scientists Annual Meeting, Providence, RI, USA, May 31- June 4, 2015

This year, I'll be giving a pair of talks at SWS National in Rhode Island. Both will be symposium talks, one of which is organized by the SWS Women in Wetlands Section's Ellen Hartig (NYC Parks), Martha Carlson Mazur (Bellarmine), and Christne VanZomeren (U. Florida) and focuses on wetland career development and personal branding. The other symposium is being put on by Dave Merritt (USFS) and Daniel Sarr (USGS) and focuses on applications of functional guilds in riparian and wetland ecosystem assessment and modeling. For the third year running, I'll also be serving as a mentor in the Society's fantastic undergraduate mentoring program and helping out with their graduate school Q&A panel. This meeting is an annual highlight for me, and many SWS members.

Guilds for the Colorado River have been created and are being modeled by folks at the USGS. Here's the often overlooked dorky running dude guild. This guild's probability of occurrence increases as seasonal tourist density decreases.

...Society of Wetland Scientists Pacific Northwest Chapter, Olympia, WA, USA, October 6-8, 2015

The Society of Wetland Scientists Pacific Northwest Chapter, my home SWS chapter since much of my work occurs in the Snake and Columbia River Basins, is having their annual meeting this October 6-8. I'm tentatively organizing a session for the meeting, and it will focus on conserving and restoring riparian ecosystems in a changing climate. The call for abstracts will roll any day now and remain open through mid-summer. 

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