Today's #SWSAnnualMeeting2015 talk on professional branding for early-career scientists

Today the SWS annual meeting gets started in earnest, including a few great talks on riparian ecology, in both research and restoration contexts. While I would usually be glued to my chair in the river talks, this year I'm participating in the Women in Wetland Section's Wetland Career Development and Professional Branding. Talks roll at 10am with a great line-up of speakers, including Wetland Foundation co-founder, and Scientist/Videographer, Karen McKee, Martha Carlson Mazur of Bellarmine University, and Amanda Little of UW-Stout.

I'll be giving an AM presentation on the use of social media and web content for growing one's "professional brand." In short, this talk is all about how researchers and can tell their stories using web content that draws attention to their work and (hopefully) creates professional discourse.

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