The Climate-Aquatics Blog: discussing the latest research in Rocky Mountain watersheds, climate & change @DanIsaak @forestservice @usfs_rmrs

If you have any interest in climate change, streams, ecology, fisheries, water, or public land, then you may be interested in the Climate-Aquatics Blog. Dan Isaak, a research fisheries biologist with the USDA Forest Service Rocky Mountain Research Station, has been pumping out timely reviews of all things climate and streams, largely as it pertains to watersheds of the American West. He highlights numerous ongoing USFS projects, including regional models of streamflow, temperature, and geomorphology, but also highlights myriad papers external to the federal research system. By blogging, Dan has created a real-time literature review of many rapidly developing topics in stream ecology and watershed management. Topics are broken into modules so readers can get right to their topic of interest. Current modules include the thermal, hydrology, biology, management, and "cool stuff."
How hot is it, and what are the timing, duration and magnitude of common floods...
and how will these things change in the future?
You can read the Climate-Aquatics Blog here or check out the introduction to the blog that Dan wrote for Fisheries, follow real time updates on Twitter or join the discussion group.

Thanks to Dan for his efforts to communicate these important issues to audiences far and wide!

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