Ten things not to try and do the semester you plan on defending your PhD and graduating...

If you're trying to finish your PhD this semester, I have a couple recommendations on how to finish quickly. Don't do any of these, and certainly don't do all of them. That'd be crazy.

1. Try to sell a house.

2. Try to move ten hours away.

3. Try to move all of your junk out of your house that you're selling to move ten hours away.

4. Run a 100-mile race.

5. Take the recovery period required for a 100-mile race (spoiler alert: it takes a while to get the pop back in your, well, everything).

6. Tell your spouse it's a good time for a major operation, following which, you will be taking care of her/him and responsible for their mobility.

7. Chair an out-of-town conference for a professional society.

8. Travel for said conference.

9. Spend your acclimation week post-conference that you shouldn't have chaired working entirely on side projects and finishing overdue manuscript reviews.

10. Let people you love die or get cancer.

If you didn't do any of those things yet, then, lucky you! If you did, here are some pictures of what it might have looked like.

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