Transitions != time to update academic blogs.

So, a busy summer gave way to a busy fall, which gave way to a busy winter. This means that my scientific blogging has ground to a halt.

While I usually like a paper submitting, skintrack blazing kind of winter, this one has been more of a snowy highway driving, box unpacking, administrative catch-up playing, cat-herding season. But hey, at least I get to revise some papers and work on a proposal this week between dissecting trees and playing "lord of the rings."

Anyhow - there are several planned blog posts revisiting 2015 and looking ahead to 2016 for the Society of Wetland Scientists' Pacific Northwest Chapter, presenting research briefs for each paper I've written, and hopefully, bearing some good news.

For now, here's a picture and a promise that, as the dust settles, I'll work more toward communicating my and other researchers' ecology again in 2016.

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