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Perceptible Changes: impending website update

In 2010 or 2011, when it initially seemed like a good idea to launch a blog, I thought I'd start writing about ecological restoration, the human effort to re-envision, reclaim, and rewild the world's impressive natural, semi-natural, and human-dominated ecosystems. It was a long time coming. I grew up as a rustbelt kid, with sublime Lake Erie a stone's throw away and the shadows of twentieth century urban and industrial decay around most corners. So when I struck out on my own and Cleveland was still close in the rearview mirror, I got excited about trying to understand how ecosystems get degraded, and more importantly, how they can be turned around. Restored, if you will. This vision to restore trashed ecosystems led me pretty quickly to ecology research. This excited me because it provided chances to see and evaluate the impacts that humans have had on a landscape, and where opportunities arise, work to improve the quality of that landscape through restoration. 

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