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SWS-Rocky Mountain Meeting next week

Next week the Society of Wetland Scientists' Rocky Mountain Chapter is having their annual meeting in Golden, CO. Andy Herb and co. put on a great show that highlights applied wetland restoration and mapping efforts, new applied research, and partnerships in the Rocky Mountain states. If you're in the Front Range, look the chapter up and consider attending or joining SWS! Full details are below.

Meeting Agenda
800a to 845a: ARRIVAL/CHECK-IN
815a to 845a: MEMBERS MEETING Meeting topics: election results, chapter financials, goals, upcoming events, and more.
855a to 900a: WELCOMING ADDRESS/ANNOUNCEMENTS Andy Herb, SWS Rocky Mountain Chapter President
900a to 920a: Andrew Gygli, University of Wyoming: Enhancing detection of native Wyoming and Colorado amphibians through environmental DNA and visual surveys
920a to 940a: Jenny Nehring and Cary Aloia, Wetland Dynamics, LLC: Acoustic monitoring of endangered species dependent on wetland environments
940a t…

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