MORA in the Trees

MORA in the Trees
Mt. Rainier through a variable retention harvest at Pack Forest, Washington, USA

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Society of American Foresters Intermountain Talk

Last week, I was fortunate enough to give a talk for the Society of American Foresters Intermountain chapter meeting here in Logan, UT. Thanks to the USU Forest Club for organizing the meeting and to the great presenters who gave excellent talks: Kendall Becker, Justing Britton, Curtis Gray, and Scott Frost.

I uploaded the slides that I gave to Figshare:

Friday, April 4, 2014

Closing out the @USU_Ecology Speaker Series for 2013-14

Later this month, the Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies' Dr. Kathleen Weathers will deliver the final Utah State University Ecology Center seminars of the 2013-14 speaker series.

Dr. Weathers' visit will cap off another tremendous year of influential ecologists coming to Logan, insightful research talks, and community events at Utah State. This speaker series is almost entirely organized and implemented by USU graduate students with the help of Nancy Huntly, Ecology Center staff and ecology faculty. The success of the series is truly a testament to the commitment of the Ecology Center students and director Nancy Huntly to attract leading ecologists to Logan to engage with the larger ecological research community. My hat is off to USU grad students Andy Kleinhesselink (WILD) and Lexine Long (WATS) for spearheading last year's committee. Much gratitude should also be levied to the numerous speakers who get off the beaten path and come to Logan to present their work and meet with students and faculty.

Last month the new speaker series committee met to select speakers for 2014-15, and after making a few calls, it looks to be another great year. While plans are still being finalized, it appears that USU will be visited by Jeremy Fox, Mary Ruckleshaus, Jon Moore, Jim Grace, Hope Jahren, Tom Hobbs, Diana Wall and Bob Holt during the 2014-15 seminar series.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The 2014 Joint Aquatic Sciences Meeting (@2014JASM #JASM2014 @SWS_org)

This May 18-23, I'll be headed to Portland, Oregon for the Society of Wetland Scientists et al. mega conference that has been dubbed the Joint Aquatic Sciences Meeting. It should be an awesome time, and I'll be busy working on a variety of things while there.

First, I'll be giving a poster on some work I've done modeling instream large wood abundance in the Columbia River basin. This is a synthetic effort that builds on some projects I've done for the USDA Forest Service PACFISH/INFISH Biological Opinion and the Columbia Habitat Monitoring Program. I'll be discussing two papers we've written and a wood capacity model that we're building to set restoration objectives and assess restoration outcomes. It should be a good time.

Secondly, I'm working with Andy Herb and Rob McInnes of the Society of Wetland Scientists' Restoration Section to put together another symposium for the SWS restoration section.

Lastly, this will serve as the election setting for the Society of Wetland Scientists Pacific Northwest Chapter. This year, I'll be running for president of the chapter following a year and a half long stint as the chapter's executive vice president. If you're reading this from Washington, Oregon, Idaho, or a Pacific Northwest border state (CA, NV, UT, WY, MT, AK or British Columbia), please link up with the chapter and get in touch in Portland.

Check out the Joint Aquatic Sciences Meeting website and follow them on Twitter and we'll see you on the Willamette this May!

Monday, March 17, 2014

Restoring the West 2014 - Down by the River: Managing for Resilient Riparian Corridors

The annual Restoring the West conference will take place October 21st and 22nd, 2014 at Utah State University in Logan, Utah. This year, the conference is themed : Down by the River: Managing for Resilient Riparian Corridors.

Fire...down by the river: Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest, Washington State, USA
We have confirmed one of our keynote speakers and are currently awaiting confirmation from numerous speakers. The Restoring the West committee will daylight the entire program as it becomes available sometime later this spring or summer.

Keep your eyes posted to for updates as they happen.

I promise that while the conference title may conjure up images of the popular Saturday Night Live skit (below), the invitee list will rock your socks off.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Nordic United Crowbar

Nordic United, a non-profit group that supports non-motorized recreation across northern Utah, is throwing their annual CROWBAR race. CROWBAR, the Cache Regional Overland Winter BAckcountry Race, is a backcountry ski-mountaineering-style race that takes place entirely off ski areas in the Cache National Forest of northern Utah.

The race is this Saturday at Sink Hollow in Logan Canyon.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

2014 in pictures so far

At work two hours later.
So, the ecology side of this blog has been neglected in recent months. Trust me, it's not for a lack of actually working on ecological restoration and research, because the group with which I work, is going hard right now.

I plan to do an overhaul to this site and add some content, including links to data, code and other goodies that I've archived with papers that are currently in review/revision. But before I have time to get to that, I figured I'd drop a few pictures of what January and now the first third of February have looked like. In short - abstract submissions, short course proposals, grant proposals, dissertation proposals, a partner moving for a real job, multivariate statistics, revisions, conference committees, more conference committees, paper submissions and revisions - have been lined up and have been/are being knocked down. Oh, and I ski sometimes. And always embrace the grind.

The Wellsville Mountains from Logan Peak
Persistence and persistent slabs

What to do after writing up a revision cover letter? Dusk patrol.

That much further West
A few days later

Abstracts away

My first open access publication as a non-federal employee will go here...

....and this figure will be in it

Dr. Josh Lawler (UW-SEFS) comes to USU for an Ecology Center seminar next week

Monday, January 6, 2014

#Bioscience brings in the new year with #OpenAccess

BioScience, the monthly semi-glam ecology magazine/journal, recently switched publishers. To celebrate this and draw in readers, they're going open access through February 2014.

"The entire archive and current content of BioScience, the monthly journal of the American Institute of Biological Sciences, are now open access for a limited time on the servers of its new publisher, Oxford University Press:

Users can access the entire archive of BioScience for free until the end of February 2014.

Julie Palakovich Carr
Public Policy Manager
American Institute of Biological Sciences"

If you're not at a university or research agency and don't currently have access to Bioscience, now is the chance to download articles like D'amore et al 2012 or some newish or old classics like:

Benda, L.E., N. L. Poff, C. Tague, M.A. Palmer, J. Pizzuto, N. Bockstael, S. Cooper, E. Stanley, and G. Moglen. 2002. Avoiding train wrecks in the use of science in environmental problem solving. BioScience 52: 1127-1136.

Beechie T.J., Sear D., Olden J.D., Pess G.R., Buffington J.M., Moir H., Roni P., Pollock M.M. 2010. Process-based principles for restoring river ecosystems. BioScience 60: 209–222.

Thanks Oxfrd University Press and the American Institute of Biological Sciences for making the journal freely available for even a short amount of time.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Honoring Joan Ehrenfeld with the @ESA_org‎ Urban Ecology Section

A couple years back, Rutgers' Joan Ehrenfeld passed away. She was a prominent urban, wetland and plant ecologist, authoring dozens of scientific publications while serving as an exemplary mentor to her students. Joan was also an exceptional family matriarch. I was a huge fan of Joan's work and had the pleasure of meeting her son when I lived in Seattle. He spoke of her dedication and passion toward life as a scientists and family woman with sincere admiration. In short, Joan was exceptional in everything she did. Joan's legend is destined to live on through her work and those she touched. As a testament to this, Myla Aronson of Rutgers and Ecological Restoration journal recently sent out the following request for contributions for a scholarship in Joan's name, sponsored by the Ecological Society of America and their urban ecosystem section:

"In 2012, The Urban Ecosystem Section of the Ecological Society of America
(ESA) established the Joan G. Ehrenfeld Award for best presentation by a
student in Urban Ecology at the society's annual meeting. Dr. Ehrenfeld was
a pioneer of urban ecology whose contributions helped shape our knowledge
of urban ecosystems. Her work spanned many taxa and systems, ranging from
invasive species dynamics, urban wetland ecology and ecosystem function,
restoration ecology, to the socio-ecological linkages determining
ecological function in urban watersheds.  She was a Fellow of the American
Association for the Advancement of Science, and of the Society of Wetland
Scientists. Her inspiring teaching reflected her broad interests, and she
directed many undergraduates and graduate students into productive, ecology-
related careers. Her former students and postdocs are continuing her work
around the globe

Your help is needed to fund this award. Our goal is to raise enough money
to establish an endowment for the Joan G. Ehrenfeld Award as a permanent
ESA award. This award currently has limited funding from a portion of the
member dues from the Urban Ecosystem Ecology section and does not have
funding to continue into the future. A permanent award in Joan’s honor will
assure that her legacy of outstanding research and communication in urban
ecology continues.

With this award we honor Joan’s commitment to graduate-student education
and the importance of communicating research findings to the scientific
community and the public. By making a tax-deductible donation, you can
ensure her legacy continues.

We hope you will contribute to this award. Checks can be made out to
the “Ecological Society of America” with “UEE-Joan G. Ehrenfeld Award” in
the memo and sent to:
Ecological Society of America
1990 M Street, Suite 700
Washington, DC 20036

The Ecological Society acknowledges all donations with a thank-you letter
that outlines the tax exemptions.

For more information, please feel free to contact Myla Aronson directly at or 848-932-4275.

We sincerely thank you for your time and support,

Myla Aronson and David Ehrenfeld"

Full information on the Ehrenfeld award in urban ecology, including applications and past recipients, are available at:

Monday, November 11, 2013

The Society of Wetland Scientists (@SWS_org) Pacific Northwest Chapter has 2014 wetland calendars for sale!

The Society for Wetland Scientists Pacific Northwest Chapter has their 2014 wetland calendar up at their website. All proceeds benefit the Chapter's conference scholarships, continuing professional education and grant-making efforts. Please consider picking up a copy to support student attendance at the 2014 JASM meeting and students' wetland research.

2014 Photo Contest
Wetland Views of Carex lyngbyei;
Astoria, Oregon;
by Sarah Holmen Kidd
2014 Calendars for the SWS Pacific Northwest Chapter
Your votes are in!  Thanks to all who participated in the Pacific Northwest Chapter of the Society of Wetland Scientists’ second annual wetland photograph contest. We received wonderful entries, and many Chapter members cast their votes throughout September!  The thirteen winning photos will be displayed in a beautiful, full-color 2014 calendar. Winners will receive a free calendar, as well as recognition on the SWS Pacific Northwest Chapter website and in the calendar itself.  
The winning photographs were snapped by Shelly Gilmore, Vikki Jackson, Jeffrey Kee, Sarah Holmen Kidd, Jared Kinnear, Darcey Miller, and Dave Teesdale.
The calendar will be available for sale on the Pacific Northwest Chapter website beginning in mid-November…a great holiday gift for your loved ones or yourself!  The calendar proceeds will also benefit our Chapter, so you can think of it as giving twice.
Thank you again for your support. Please direct any questions to Darcey at

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Conference outlook for 2014 includes #JASM2014 and #SERNW2014

Although I'm presently settling in for a long winter of writing, plotting, analysis and making turns, two relatively large conferences (by aquatic biology standards) have already made their way onto my calendar. The first is the Joint Aquatic Sciences meeting in Portland, OR this May. This meeting brings together the Society of Wetland Scientists, the Society for Freshwater Science, the Association for the Science of Limnology and Oceanography, and the Phycological Society of America. I'll be helping Andy Herb to chair the SWS wetland restoration section's annual invited session. This year's ASLO meeting will also double as the SWS-PNW regional meeting.

The second conference that I am already pretty excited to attend is the joint meeting of the Society for Ecological Restoration Northwest and Society for Ecological Restoration Great Basin joint meeting in Redmond, Oregon in October 2014. This meeting brings together the young and growing SERGB with SERNW for what should be a large and fantastic regional conference. I'm looking forward to presenting some stream and wetland restoration work that we've taken on in Utah and parts Northwest.

Calls for general abstracts for both meetings are TBA, so keep your eyes open for the calls this winter.