Mid-winter in the Central Cascades

After a slowish start to 2017, I hit the road for funding (spoiler - didn't get it), job interviews (TBA), and, well, for the sake of the road (see below). Work is coming together through Meadow Run Environmental Research, a small, full-service research, consulting, and regulatory science firm in Leavenworth, WA. I'm a co-owner in the business, and while I never thought I'd be a "consultant," it's going well so far. I'm also working on a creative project on rivers, society, and storytelling that will hopefully daylight this summer.

Although I've had to slow down the academic research to make a living and for family reasons over the last year, I'm still working up a number of projects and hope to drop some figures and maps from these efforts soon. Life is good in the Central Cascades. Here's a glimpse of it in 2017 so far: