Past Projects

I have been involved in numerous environmental research, monitoring, and restoration projects across the American West and beyond. I generally work to solve applied problems surrounding wetland, stream, and floodplain resources. Please see my publications page for deliverables from my current and past projects.
  • Riparian vegetation guilds of the American West
  • Drivers of riparian vegetation across the interior Pacific Northwest
  • Short-term survival and growth of restored forest species in denuded landscapes and decadal-scale successional dynamics following restoration, North Cascades National Park, WA, USA
  • Mid-term riparian vegetation change following grazing exclusion at Spawn Creek, UT, USA

  • Instream wood dynamics across wadeable streams of the interior Pacific Northwest, ID, WA, OR, MT, USA

  • Community dynamics of Pacific Northwest forested swamps, WA, USA

  • Community assembly in restored early-successional forest ecosystems, North Cascades National Park, WA, USA

  • Environmental stress, functional traits, and life history strategies in Carex species, WA, USA

  • Novel wet grassland development following landfill reclamation, Union Bay Natural Area, Seattle, WA, USA

  • Long-term restored fescue (Festuca) dynamics following soil amendment, Union Bay Natural Area, Seattle, WA, USA
  • The Stillaguamish Big Trees restoration, Snohomoish County, WA, USA

  • Snoqualmie Reservation forest restoration, North Bend, WA, USA

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