2014 in pictures so far

At work two hours later.
So, the ecology side of this blog has been neglected in recent months. Trust me, it's not for a lack of actually working on ecological restoration and research, because the group with which I work, is going hard right now.

I plan to do an overhaul to this site and add some content, including links to data, code and other goodies that I've archived with papers that are currently in review/revision. But before I have time to get to that, I figured I'd drop a few pictures of what January and now the first third of February have looked like. In short - abstract submissions, short course proposals, grant proposals, dissertation proposals, a partner moving for a real job, multivariate statistics, revisions, conference committees, more conference committees, paper submissions and revisions - have been lined up and have been/are being knocked down. Oh, and I ski sometimes. And always embrace the grind.

The Wellsville Mountains from Logan Peak
Persistence and persistent slabs

What to do after writing up a revision cover letter? Dusk patrol.

That much further West
A few days later

Abstracts away

My first open access publication as a non-federal employee will go here...

....and this figure will be in it

Dr. Josh Lawler (UW-SEFS) comes to USU for an Ecology Center seminar next week