Highs and lows: photos from a short #winter

The busy, productive research life is back. Here are some images of days with friends and family in the high country. There's nothing like balance, whatever that may be, and no place like home, wherever that may be. Next stop, spring.

High Peaks of Arizona
Little Colorado River, Arizona 
Allison Clay, Kachina Peaks, Arizona

Northward expansion, Kachina Peaks, Arizona
Sardine, sun and fog, Wellsville Range, Utah
This was peak valley snow for the year, Wellsville Range, Utah
Naomi Ridge, Utah
Bear River Range, Utah
Inner Basin, Kachina Peaks, Arizona
Late season - pray for rain, Bear River Range Utah
Elmer and clouds, Utah
CROWBAR Booter and the Beav, Utah
Everyone finished. CROWBAR, Utah

Thanks Wayne! Utah.

Volunteers make things happen, CROWBAR, Utah
Racers happen, CROWBAR, Utah
PowKeg, first, last, fun, Brighton, Utah
CROWBAR superheros, Utah
Greene Machine scouts for CROWBAR
The day-long inversion of 2015, Utah
SPF 50, Utah
Young Weezy, Utah
Family, Washington State
Long roads home, Utah
November, Bear River Range, Utah
The avalanche disturbance line, Utah
Lost, cold, and found again, Utah. Thanks Tyler, Andrew and Alex!
Same mountain, the weekend before getting lost, Utah
Go Vikings, Utah
Get up time, Arizona